Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Five Things to Do in Bayfield, Wisconsin for the Perfect Family Trip

If you’re looking for a break from a hectic routine, but don’t want to spend the day driving, Bayfield Wisconsin may be the perfect get-a-way. Surrounded by serene wooded scenery and Lake Superior, it is only about a four-hour drive from the Twin Cities. Bayfield is a fun weekend getaway for the girls or the guys, a romantic spot for couples, but also the perfect spot for family fun. 

Family Activities in Bayfield:

There are family appropriate accommodations in Bayfield from camping grounds to luxury hotels. Of course, you won’t be spending much time in your room or at your campsite. Below are just a few of the activities to keep you and your loved ones entertained: 

• Madeline Island- Hop on a ferry and in about thirty minutes you will find yourself in nearby 
Madeline Island. The ferry ride is a delight, and once you get to the Island, you will find it has its own unique feel as well as one of a kind restaurants, shops, and bars. 

• Apostle Island Cruising- Apostle Island Cruises offers many discovery options from lighthouse cruises, glass bottom boats, shipwreck cruises and more. If you are looking to keep it "all in the family", they even offer private charters. It is an excellent way to sit back and relax while enjoying the sights and learning the history of the Apostle Islands.

• Enjoy Lake Superior- Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake on the planet offering an array of summer activities such as boating, waterskiing, sailing, fishing, and just taking in the beauty of this spectacular body of water.

• Apple Festival- If you are fortunate enough to be in Bayfield the first weekend of October be sure not to miss the Bayfield Apple Festival. It is billed as one of the top ten apple festivals in the country. Besides apple delicacies of all kinds, there is also a fish fry, dancing, and arts and crafts. If you can’t make it for the festival, the orchards are open for picking all the apples you can handle during the months of September and October.

• Arts and Shopping- Bayfield is a place with many unique shops and art galleries. Besides a plethora of art galleries, there are quilt shops, glass shops and jewelry and other gifts. In mid-July, the Festival of Arts and Gallery Tour takes place offering not only gallery tours but auctions and markets with a variety of art vendors. 

Though Bayfield sees most of the tourists in the summer, there is plenty to do for winter enthusiast as well. Bayfield is blanketed in snow for nearly five months of the year offering snowshoeing, skiing, and dogsledding. One of the most spectacular winter sights to take in is the Apostle Island Ice Caves. 

No matter what time of year your family visits Bayfield, Mother Nature will supply a spectacular backdrop for countless activities and experiences.

This post was contributed by Pinehurst Inn, a bed and breakfast in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Best Wedding Venues on Hilton Head Island to Get Married

Getting married in Hilton Head Island, SC may be the most romantic decision you will ever make. The ample choices of beaches and beautiful backgrounds are the best backdrops to any celebration of love and romance. Hilton Head Island boasts a steady tropical weather with non-stop sunshine, breezy beach air, and wide open spaces that bring out the most beautiful features of the event in the most natural scenery.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

5 Things to Do in Vevay, Indiana this Summer for Families

Vevay is a treasure of a small town tucked away in the southeastern corner of Indian, on the Ohio River just across from Kentucky. Vevay may be small, but it’s packed with activities and places guaranteed to appeal to families. Here’s a list of five favorites.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Best Restaurants in Durango, Colorado

While visiting Durango, CO, there are many options for dining. From casual to fine dining, there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you're visiting there soon, here are the best restaurants in the area:

Michel's Corner Crepes
598 Main Avenue
(970) 247-7979

French cuisine
Price: $8 - $11

Has a beautiful outdoor atmosphere and fabulous food. Michel's Corner Crepes serves authentic French crepes both sweet and savory – for sweet choose chocolate hazelnut, Grand Marnier or a simple apple perfectly spiced with cinnamon. For savory select a spinach feta, chicken and mushroom of or your choice of crepe filling. There is also a nice selection of wine and beer plus hot spiced cider and hot chocolate.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Best Bars in Touchet, WA

Touchet, WA is a beautiful place to visit with a lot to do outside, but what if you just want to enjoy a drink? If so, the bars listed below are well worth checking out. However, it's important to keep in mind that with a population of just 421, you may have to travel to nearby towns to experience local bars.

Intermezzo on Large Spoon Sitting on PlateThis is a small tavern that's known for great food and cold drinks. It has been voted one of the best bars in the area because of the great service, so it's worth checking out for a drink or to catch a game. If you're in the mood for food, the burgers are top rated.

Although this is a restaurant, it's a nice place to enjoy a delicious bottle of wine. They offer a large menu of red, white, and sparkling wines with a beautiful view as well! Their food has been given 5-stars by visitors, so if you get hungry as well you might enjoy dinner here with your wine.

Located in the nearby Walla Walla, WA, this is a popular spot for affordable drinks and freshly made food. If you're not craving a beer or glass of wine, then you may want to try one of their many signature cocktails. The Hot Spiced Cider and The "124" Margarita" are both popular choices.

This winery is located just a few minutes away from Touchet, in the beautiful area of Lowden. There is a seasonal restaurant, but the tasting room is where you'll want to visit to explore some of the fresh local wines they create. It's well worth visiting with a group for added fun.

Visit this bar in nearby Walla Walla for the ice cold beer, but stay for the delicious food, like fried pickles. This is worth the drive if you're looking for a small place that usually draws in a pretty steady crowd. They have a great selection of beers in addition to local wines to try out.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What is the Role of a Business Development Manager

The term "business developer" is so broad it's almost useless. Anybody who does something to "develop" the business qualifies. If you're going to have a legitimate business development strategy, however, you're going to need a deeper understanding of what a business development manager truly does.

Therefore, it's more practical to replace the word "development" with "growth." Businesses need to grow. To accomplish that, they seek new customers and new markets. They bring out new products. They establish relationships that can bring them new opportunities to grow by carrying out joint ventures.

Therefore, a business development manager is partly a sales person, partly a marketer, partly a strategist, partly a business coach and partly the public face of the business.

Law firms often have partners who make a lot of money even though they haven't opened a law book in years. They have the contacts and relationships to bring in lots of new business. That makes them more important than mere legal experts. They're called rainmakers.

Good business development managers are rainmakers. They guide a business to keep growing in a sustainable direction and in a sustainable way.

Small and medium-sized businesses should not concern themselves with hiring business developers. Those roles fall on the shoulders of the founder and CEO, and to other high-level executives. If they find venture capital or an angel investor, that person will help them.

Unless a business is already large and profitable, many good business development managers will not want to help out except as paid consultants or by getting a split of the profits. The CEO and other shareholders may not be willing to trade away a portion of the company at that point in its life. However, the business developer is really good, it could be a good arrangement for everybody.

Some copywriters are willing to use their writing and marketing expertise to help a company grow for a share of the profits. They can also help guide the company in coming out with new, profitable products.

Once your business has grown, you may be able to hire a business development manager with the broad authority to get customer feedback through sales people, to help guide marketing, to bring out new products and to reach out to other companies to set up joint ventures. And some pieces of the process may usefully be obtained from consultants.

But the ultimate responsibility will remain with the owners and the CEO.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why is Sunscreen So Important?

Whether it is our doctor, a friend, or a family member, most of us have someone in our lives who is constantly telling us to use more sunscreen. We know we should, but it is just too easy to forget about it. Here are five reasons, all more permanent than sunburn, which will make you think twice before leaving the house without that bottle.