Sunday, April 21, 2013

North Myrtle Beach Nightlife: Beached Out by Day, Rocking Out by Night

You’ve read your favorite book twice, all your favorite snacks are gone, you’ve gone through all five of your swimsuits and you find yourself thinking, “Where have these days gone?” Although lounging on the beach being lazy once in a while is an essential escape we all need at one time or another, eventually, it’s totally normal to want to get up and at it again after several days of being dazed by the suns rays. So, tonight, it’s time to go out! But, where to? No worries. There are plenty of hotspots to visit during your nightlife experience in North Myrtle Beach! Here is a list of just a few places for a great night out on the town:

     Fat Harold’s Beach Club

Don’t let the name fool you. No, there will not be an overweight man dancing it up on stage, so no worries. This dance house is legendary, primarily because it’s the home of the hip dance move “The Shag”. Never heard of it? Come on now! Well, if you want to get up with the times and don’t know this dance move, Far Harold’s even offers lessons to people who don’t know how to “Shag!” The dance floor isn’t your typical dance floor. Instead of a shiny, fancy finish, this dance floor is made of hardwood and it’s sprinkled with beer and saw dust! So come on out in some casual apparel for an evening filled with some Southern country fun!

          Alabama Theatre

This theatre is not only grand in appearance on the outside, but it’s inside is incredibly impressive as well, seating over 2,000 people. If you’re into country music, this is definitely the place for you! Shows run all the way from Tuesday to Thursday each evening. Entertainment and music is provided by some of the biggest starts in country music, along with some extraordinarily talented local bands. The theatre is smack dab in the middle of a huge shopping and restaurant district, called the Barefoot Landing. There are both restaurants and shops to match the taste and style of anyone in the family. So, this is the perfect place to hang for the entire night! 

     Murrells Inlet Marshwalk

      If the beach life has got you a bit exhausted (as exhausting as basking in the sun all day long can be…), then you may want to check out this beautiful marshwalk. Stroll along the coast and watch the sunset and the silhouettes of boats coming back into the bay after a day at sea. Along the walkway, if you start feeling up to it, there are plenty of low-key hot spots, such as the Dead Dog Saloon and Bubba’s Love Shack. . Both feature live bands nearly every night of the week. Two other venues, called the Divine Prime and Fishhouse offer easy-going atmospheres for anyone who thinks they’re hip enough to hang there. So, take a stroll, hear some tunes and select your venue of choice and just take it all in! 

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