Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Charleston Construction Jobs

Construction (Photo credit: Jim Moran)
Post provided by Carolina Services, Inc., a Charelston, SC construction company.
If you're currently working in the world of construction or considering a move to a career in construction, you may be interested in the outlook for these types of jobs. While there's largely been instability in the United States job market, and while the talking heads on the news opine about a slow down in new housing and construction the truth is that in recent years construction labor jobs have far exceeded job growth in most categories. Consider the following:

  • The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that through 2022 jobs in construction labor are anticipated to grow by 25%
  • This projects out to 325,000 new jobs
  • In 2012 there were 1,284,000 of these jobs
So as long as their continues to be growth in construction, there will be job growth in the construction industry. That said, despite the opportunities and stability of the industry there are some potential drawbacks.

  1. Pay in construction jobs is relatively low. In 2012 the average annual pay for a construction laborer was $29,160, barely above the average median wage for all jobs. If you're looking to become wealthy in your career, construction labor isn't an easy path to it.
  2. Physical demands. The term "labor" isn't in the job title for no reason, if you're going to work in construction you're going to work hard and potentially work in dangerous situations. Construction workers have a very high rate of injury, and this is certainly something a worker in this industry needs to consider accounting for.
Working in the Charleston area, there are always an abundance of construction jobs available. If you're interested in learning more about the local industry and the jobs available here, you may want to check out the following links: