Thursday, January 17, 2013

Moon Landing

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We were scheduled to do a writing exercise in my creative writing course. The assignment was to get into a group of three and select an event in history; anywhere in history. Then, each member will write about the event from a different perspective of someone involved in whatever event is chosen.

My partners picked the moon landing.

Now, I don't know much about the moon landing. And, respectively, I don't care much about the moon landing. I made a paper and tin-foil figure of Neil Armstrong for my Space Report in elementary School once, but that's about as far is it goes.

So, I attempted to put a spin on it. Why not have the first two perspectives be Buzz and Neil, and then the third be a stage-hand on the staged moon landing! Ha ha! Conspiracy humor.

But that ideas was shot down. My partners wanted to do a perspective piece on the real moon landing, from each of the three crew members. Fantastic. I know a lot about the moon landing. My story will be exceptional.

So, since I've decided to begin posting my stories and whatnot, here's that awesome moon landing. The best thing to note? Take careful notice of how I tactfully avoid mentioning anything about the actual landing. This story is 100% fact-free!

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